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Treating Mind, Body and Spirit.

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About me


My name is a Yvette O'Neill and I am a Holistic Therapist offering Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, MLD and Hopi Ear Candle treatments. I am 36 and recently moved back to Great Cornard.

Although I have only been practising my therapies for the past 7 years a lot of the foundations in my life have been connected in some way or another within the health and complimentary industry. I was also brought up by a mother who very much believed in natural medicine and alternative therapies to aid and heal physical ailments, stress and emotional upsets, so had an exposure from an early age.

Although my journey to be a holistic therapist was quite long and took me down several different paths and through various experiences, both good and bad and happy and sad, I truly believe this was for very important reasons. It has shaped the person I am today and has given me the warmth , understanding and empathy which I hope and believe comes across in my therapies and my approach to my work and clients.